Strange and Dangerous Christmas

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Humor, lots of action, and tons of fun


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Strange and Dangerous Christmas is a very entertaining action game where you have to protect your house from a wave of robots terrorizing your neighborhood. Even so, the kids won't let these thieves steal their precious presents from Santa Claus.

Your objective, then, consists of defending the Christmas tree's presents, lighting up all the robbers that try to get close with any of the weapons you have on hand: a stick, a pan, whatever.

The game has 50 different levels where you can show off your skills, and three game modes (against the clock, survival, and infinite survival) that extend the game's life practically to infinity. Also, you can find hidden presents and participate in the online leaderboards to measure your scores against those of people from around the world.

Strange and Dangerous Christmas is a very fun arcade game with a very simple but addictive gameplay. You can dedicate many, many hours to it before you get bored.

Only the first 10 levels and HISTORY mode are available.

Neither the online ranking nor local ranking are available.